Comfort zone









A friend once asked me to describe my style and after a while in deep thought I couldn’t come up with the rights words, I really don’t have that specific look/style.

At 19, I thought more skin meant sexy, so I would wear strapless tops and tight pants or a tiny skirt. (Am afraid I have no photos for that time.) When making the transition from a teenager to adulthood I learnt to accept my small frame and covered up more .

This is when I understood tight is not necessarily hot and BAM!!!The fashionista in me came out.You don’t have to follow trends or wear what people think is good for you, just wear what fits right and be confident. It has been so many years past and I can rock a good pair of boyfriend jeans (The loose and low rise ones) and feel good about it.

But you need a good eye for the right pair or else you end up looking like you are wearing a sack.
What I love most about the pants am wearing today is that you can wear them in very different styles. The cut, fit and the pleats around the waist makes them more chic. Easy when avoiding a tomboish look.

Remember it’s all about experimentation and fun.

Pants -Mtindwa
Flannel- Gifted
Boots-bought from a friend
Sunnies-Moi avenue

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Simple in the sun












Hello everyone, a while back I felt so stressed with the major changes in my life. I decided to give back to the society by participating in charity work. I went to two places, local children’s home and a rehabilitation center in Kabete. All my life I have never seen children with so much hope, joy and energy.

These kids had touching stories to tell. If a nine year old can be that strong why not me? Everyone in life has their problems, only difference is we all experience different issues in life, since then I have been keeping my friends and family close and smiling all through, I got inspired.

On other news, my love for slouchy, oversize sweaters continues and this specific one is an all time favorite. Off late my place has been so dusty and sunny, I wore a very light pair of navy jeans and my light knit sweater.
I used to think round sunglasses would make me look like an insect, you know…big weird looking eyes ,but I think they are kind of cool now ,especially these mirrored ones .

They transform my outfit from simple to playful and nothing else would have complimented them well than my go to head wrap, talk of bad hair days.

Oversized obsessed


Happy New year ,i hope you all doing good.I feel like time is flying,just the other day it was Christmas and now things are back to normal,school and work.I never traveled during the festive season ,just chilled with friends and family.I took this photos during the weekend ,i was not feeling too well .Spending the whole day in bed sick is the worse thing ever,i had to get out of bed and try to be active,thanks to my boyfriend who helped me take this photos,he is quite good,ain’t he?

I’m obsessed with anything over sized especially sunglasses,pants and tops.One of my favorites is this cropped turquoise knit,awesome for sunny days and can be worn with everything ,over a body con dress ,high wasted pencil skirts and even shorts.

Lately i have been wearing my clothes a little baggy,sometimes it gets too hot and everything feels heavy, tight jeans do not help.

I was not too sure about this look until i wore my gladiators and stood in front of the mirror,i loved it.It was so much fun taking  the pictures and posing that i didn’t go back to bed,wore flats and joined my friends for a nature walk.



Gladiators-stall in town

Watch and ceramic cross necklace-bought from a friend

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