DIY shelves

The weirdest thing about your siblings being brothers only, is that parents treat you all equally. My dad always has the policy of whatever my brothers can do I can too.
Well…that’s my story, that’s how I grew up. I have always been handy in all the projects at home, I never complain because I’ve grown to love that side of me. I like it when I do things that seem difficult, I simply love DIY.


                Ignore the red clamp 


The other day my brother and I drooled over these shelves on Pinterest that we couldn’t help but copy. DIYs that involve wood work can be pretty challenging especially if you can’t access good tools. Truth be told, I don’t have any fancy tools as for now but I’m planning on purchasing some soon.

Anyway, all we had was a claw hammer, a handful of 2 inch steel nails (very important if you don’t want your concrete wall to crack), ordinary nails, Block board, tape measure and a saw. All the measurements will depend on how big or small you want the shelves to be.

Cut the block board into 9 by 9 inches in 9 parts. Then nail them together as the picture shows, take your time; make sure they are firmly nailed together. On your wall fix the assembled shelves one steel nail at a time. You want to only nail the parts where the board touches the wall.


Make sure the shelves are straight on the wall, Once you’re are done, you can opt to paint or just use a clear varnish for that glossy finish.

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Animal print

print 6

Animal print

print 2


print 5

print 2

print 8

print 9

Ever had a moment in life when you doubt everything you do? That time when things don’t work out as you always wanted and you are so disappointed in yourself?

That’s my life right now, having dealt with depression for almost a year now; things are going from bad to worse and I am so uninspired.

Anyway, sorry for being MIA I hope to get well as soon as possible.

I took these pictures like a month ago, I like skirts on warm days and having a buttoned cardigan as a top was a great idea. The best thing about this look is that, it can transition easily to a night look by simply unbuttoning the cardigan, have on a black cropped corset, throw on some studded heels and you are good to go.

Do you like animal print, how would you pair it? Let me know


Skirt- A friend’s shop



Hair-Marley braid

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Office appropriate

office 8office 2

office 1office 4

office 5

office 6

office 7

office 9

Coming up with an appropriate office wear has always been a problem for me, reason being that I feel restricted when I have to wear specific clothes especially official wear. I am a free person and I believe my dress code should be the same. Don’t get me wrong, catch me dead in tights when am in the office.

Official wear shouldn’t be all about black and brown suits, sorry lawyers; we should be creative and keep it decent at the same time. I love neutral colours for the office and maybe a pop of colour or print to spice up a plain look.

It has been too hot of late and I know y’all wondering why I chose to wear black, these pants are so light, the fabric feels like feather on my skin, I wore the sweater as a top which is also kind of light too.
What do you wear to work?

Pants-A friend’s boutique
Sweater- BS
Shoes-CBD stalls
Bag-Fashion factory
Hair-Marley crotchet braids

Photo cred:Alois Art

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Très chic


midi skirt

midi skirt

midi skirt

midi skirt

midi skirt






Hello lovely people,

Thank God it’s Friday, I really don’t know why I’m excited for the weekend, I have nothing special planned. Am always skeptical when it comes to midi skirts, I think they look better on curvier bodies.

But then, the little voice in my head couldn’t stop telling me of the promise I made earlier this year on getting out of my comfort zone. After trying this mid-calf length midi with like 100 different tops lol!! I almost gave up.

While changing back to my ‘stay at home clothes’, yes we all have those, I realized that my polka dot dress would be perfect as a top for this skirt. The two pieces looked perfect together that all I had to do was to add simple layers of pearls, a belt to cinch the waist and give me shape.I love the skirt now that it looks good on me and i keep on twirling,I think am obsessing so much over musical and Disney movies.

Quick tip:Go for circle silhouettes if you are slim like me and don’t wear you midi skirts past the mid-calf

These black heels save my life all the time. The look would be perfect for church or lunch with family.

Polka dot dress – Muthurwa

Midi skirt – Koch

Necklace-Very old



Photo creds:Alois_art

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Braids and layers

braids 3

braids 2

braids 5

braids 4

braids 8

braids 6

braids 1

braids 7

Hello awesome people!!

Sorry for not posting in a while, had a really tight work schedule from last week. Can we talk about the cold in Nairobi of late? I’ve been surviving on hot chocolate and drinking less water which now I regret after a horrible face breakout am trying to deal with.

Two weeks ago ‘The boys’ (my cool male friends) dropped by my place trying to convince me to leave the house and go get some sun as we explore nature. I was a bit reluctant,but agreed after I finally found something to wear. Hanging out with ‘the boys ‘can be weird sometimes ,especially when you plan for a lunch out and end up in a sports bar or climbing rocks in the middle of nowhere.

I wore these Timbs to toughen the girly outfit. This is the only layered dress I own and the only I can wear, something about the light denim layers make it cute and fun. We ended up climbing rocks after Alois-art took this lovely picture of me.

Timberland boots –Gifted
Dress- Koch
Sweater- Gifted (Macy’s)

Photo credit: Alois_Art

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Girly with an edge

skater 5

skater 1

skater 2

skater 3

skater 4

skater 6

skater 7

skater 8

skater 9

skater 10

Skater skirts are so versatile and flattering on every single body type. They can be paired with everything from button-up shirts,sweaters to crop tops.

I went for a black skater skirt with thick pretty pleats,to spice up the look i couldn’t  think of anything better than this printed top and studded gladiators for some edge.Skater skirts can be too girly because of the round cut and length,it’s always wise to play around with different looks/pairings to make it standout more.

I enjoyed so much shooting in this location ,there is a beautiful river around my place with a lot of good background for photography.

Photo creds: Alois_Art (Facebook)


Top- Bus station

clutch-bus station


shoes-A stall in the CBD

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Simple layers






Hello everyone,this cold weather is against me in every way….just kidding. I hate how long my clothes take to air dry ,the sun should just come out already.

I happen to have those days that i don’t feel my trench coats or my heavy knits,but then again I still run to my cold weather staples,in this case  a varsity jacket which is not really perfect for the cold and a puffy navy vest. Every lady should have a good pair of blue jeans/skinnies,it’s an all seasoned piece.

I layered this simple pieces with the hope that the sun would shine and took the pictures last weekend at my short visit to grandpa’s in Elburgon. Are you guys loving my thick box braids like I do? I can’t get enough of them especially the colour which makes this protective hair style stand out more.

Jacket – Nakuru

Vest – Gift from Mum

Jeans – Ruai

Boots – Korogocho

Ring – Nairobi CBD

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