I can’t recall the last time a prize drove me crazy,spoke jiberrish and jumped all over like a 3yr old.
I participated in the KFC street wise hustle competition and I won myself a DSLR, y’all have read that right D-S-L-R .A Canon 1300D you guys.

I am  ashamed that all these years of studying Journalism I never had a good camera .If you watched my video you will understand how much this camera means to me especially now that my hustle does not allow me to have more creative time.

So happy that KFC gave me a chance to keep my passion going.I am still excited up to now and I really have a hard time trying to contain my emotions.
Long story short, I’ll be able to create more content hence improving on consistency.
Before anything else I thought it would be great if I shared some images of my beautiful prize who I later named Apollo.

My first DSLR deserves a name lol!

Inside the box I got

  • The camera
  • Battery pack
  • Battery charger
  • Strap
  • Interface cable
  • User manuals
  • A voucher for a Canon workshop

I hope y’all excited as I am

Thanks for stopping by XO


My beauty bag essentials : December

I can’t believe 2017 is almost over .In the beginning of the year I promised myself to buy more make up and skin care products but still keep it simple like I usually do.
My beauty routine is simple as I am still training myself on how to get a proper facebeat lol!

So far I am happy with my progress and I hope to get better in 2018.

Without further ado let me introduce you to my beauty bag essentials for December.

The festive season is full of activities and being able to pack less is a gift lol! My products are simple and very efficient.

L. A  Girl Pro coverage foundation-My first foundation ,although not perfect for my oily face,I dab a little all around my face for that flawless look.
Elf lip lacquer-So far my best gift this year.I use a small drop of it and spread it from the center of my lips to the rest of my lips for a glossy stain or use the applicator to spread a good amount for that deep Burgundy.This one in particular is in the color burgundy 6105ED very pigmented y’all would love it.

Pauline Cosmetics compact powder- This super coverage powder in Cocoa gives my face a satin finish.Also works best on a shiny T zone.

Brushes- I’ve had this set for a while now,I can’t remember the brand name but they have served me really well.Davis eye/lip pencil – Almost every girl in Kenya has used or has come across these pencils.They are super affordable and available in every beauty shop country wide. 
Black Opal color splurge – So far my best lip gloss.I got my first experience with Black Opal after an amazing Master class by Lintons Beauty world.I was introduced to a whole new world of makeup that I never knew.
Black Opal Boldalicious lengths – Yes to length,no clumps and volume.I could not ask for anything else.

Black Opal concealing foundation – Although I’m still trying to figure out if this is my shade I love to brighten my under eye and dab powder when in a rush.

What are your beauty bag must haves?Do let me know

               Thanks for stopping by XO 

Pauline Cosmetics Kenya |Product review|

I have to admit that I love gifts especially from brands that focus on quality and women of color. I have interacted with the Pauline Cosmetics Kenya brand before and even had the pleasure to meet the faces behind the company.

I thought it would be best for me to have a mini review of my experience with them.

What blew my mind was the packaging ,white and black gives the products such a classy woman feel yet sophisticated.

At the time I was looking for a good face powder,I was new to make up and my oily skin wasn’t giving me a break,I had to find a quick fix.

I landed at Pauline Cosmetics Kenya and found a powder that was a perfect match.
Given that I had already watched several reviews from other bloggers I was certain that their compact powder would work.

One year down the line the super coverage powder in cocoa has been a favorite.
No more shiny T zone or retouching every now and then.

I love that the products are available in leading make up stores in the country and you can also shop directly from their website or Jumia.

These goodies made me so excited and now that a have a variety of products from them ,I can’t wait to use them and give you guys my feedback.

Just in case you didn’t know,Pauline Cosmetics Kenya is a Kenyan Owned Makeup Company. They design and create beautiful makeup products for African Women. Products available all over Kenya and East Africa.

Have used any of their products before?How was the experience?

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Give Away with Afyapap 

Having a healthy lifestyle is important for your body.Staying healthy is more than having occasional walks and a bowl of greens once a week, staying healthy is all about taking care of yourself every minute, what you eat everyday and having a consistent fitness/workout  routine.

Maintaining  a healthy lifestyle is hard work but the results are fruitful. It might take you so many years to notice but, it’s all worth it.

With our busy schedules it gets hard to keep up and we sometimes need a little push or reminder.

Having used an activity tracker before I  can proudly say that I improved my fitness and health routine.

I was happy to collaborate with Afyapap from the Baobab circle technology company to share with you guys some very important news.

Afyapap is a simple health monitoring and personalized coaching app, allowing you to live life to the greatest potential.

It features a daily chat that provides information on lifestyle and health customized to your needs. Continue reading “Give Away with Afyapap “

My 2017 fashion resolutions 

It’s the third month into 2017 and I still feel like Christmas was just the other day.

I love to make wordrobe changes every year. My 2017 fashion goals would be, to create an all round wardrobe, from work, events, weddings, fitness among others.

I would also love to challenge myself and test some of the things that I haven’t incorporated into my personal style yet.

This post was inspired by Bonobos a men’s clothing and accessories shop. What stood out more for me was the tailored, slim and straight pants, hence the creation of this post. I created feminine looks inspired by the men’s clothing.

Short hair -I’ve had my hair in a short afro for a while now, this year i decided to do tapered cut and I ended up in 80’s kind of boxy cut. I have to admit , I wasn’t thrilled at first but few days later i grew into it. I love how the cut shapes my face.

Pencil skirts – They’ve been around for sometime now, I have two. Very versatile especially if you want to switch into a nice office ready outfit.  Continue reading “My 2017 fashion resolutions “