Give Away with Afyapap 

Having a healthy lifestyle is important for your body.Staying healthy is more than having occasional walks and a bowl of greens once a week, staying healthy is all about taking care of yourself every minute, what you eat everyday and having a consistent fitness/workout  routine.

Maintaining  a healthy lifestyle is hard work but the results are fruitful. It might take you so many years to notice but, it’s all worth it.

With our busy schedules it gets hard to keep up and we sometimes need a little push or reminder.

Having used an activity tracker before I  can proudly say that I improved my fitness and health routine.

I was happy to collaborate with Afyapap from the Baobab circle technology company to share with you guys some very important news.

Afyapap is a simple health monitoring and personalized coaching app, allowing you to live life to the greatest potential.

It features a daily chat that provides information on lifestyle and health customized to your needs.

You also get to directly inquire from nutritionists, nurses and doctors.

Afyapap allows you to track your health data,blood sugar levels, blood pressure, physical activity, sexual health and mental wellness.

Note: Afyapap is not intended for disease diagnosis

I would love my readers to stay healthy and also experience positive changes through Afyapap pap.

I will be giving away 3 pedometers (Activity tracker).

For a chance to win,  comment with screenshots of the app as downloaded on your mobile phone. The app is only available on Google Play store in Swahili and English.

Afyapap offers free usage on the first month then after, it will only cost you Ksh 25 a week.

The Give Away is open until 15th April 2017 for Kenyan residents only.

 Stay healthy.

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My 2017 fashion resolutions 

It’s the third month into 2017 and I still feel like Christmas was just the other day. 

I love to make wordrobe changes every year. My 2017 fashion goals would be, to create an all round wardrobe, from work, events, weddings, fitness among others. 

I would also love to challenge myself and test some of the things that I haven’t incorporated into my personal style yet. 

This post was inspired by Bonobos a men’s clothing and accessories shop. What stood out more for me was the tailored, slim and straight pants, hence the creation of this post. I created feminine looks inspired by the men’s clothing. 

Short hair -I’ve had my hair in a short afro for a while now, this year i decided to do tapered cut and I ended up in 80’s kind of boxy cut. I have to admit , I wasn’t thrilled at first but few days later i grew into it. I love how the cut shapes my face. 

Pencil skirts – They’ve been around for sometime now, I have two. Very versatile especially if you want to switch into a nice office ready outfit. 

More flat shoes– If you are always on the go like I am,  you totally understand how high heels can mess up your legs leave alone slow you down. Running errands, moving to different meetings can only be accomplished in a comfortable pair of flats. 

Plunging necklines – I’ve been drooling over plunging necklines for a while now. I love how different celebrities pulled this off during these awards season, even though Sophie Turner literally turned heads at the BAFTA film awards for showing too much skin, we can all agree that the Louis Vuitton number was a perfect choice. 

Daring and bold style ,an upgrade worth trying after all this Elie Saab couture awesomeness on Jessica Biel is giving me all types of good and crazy feelings. 

Neutral colors-sometimes i walk into my closet and feel like shouting ” shh shh I’m looking for someone ”  I have a lot of prints, loud prints. Maybe it’s time for me to tone it down a little. 

What fashion resolutions do you have for 2017?

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Fun date ideas 

​The best and most beautiful things in the wild cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.
–Helen Keller

Love is a beautiful feeling especially if you have someone to share it with, could be your soul mate parent, child or even best friend.
During this month of love some of us weren’t able to treat their loved ones on 14th due to unavoidable circumstances like work.

Remember, February is the month of love, keep it burning.

I want to share some of my best ways to spend time with these amazing people in our lives.

If you are open to real adventures and ready to get dirty, you will definitely love these ideas,

GP Karting – Can be indoor or outdoor, most of these enterprises provide customers with all the safety gear where necessary allowing you to take the race at anytime. No need for you to go shopping for anything.

Roller Skating – One of the most common recreational activity and best for the whole family. 

Picnic – A lot of people rarely spent quality time together. Juggling classes and your 8 to 5 can be hectic. Picnics are cute inexpensive date ideas; just spot a beautiful location park some yummy bites and wine. A great way to hangout and catch-up.

Sugary treats – Little things that make a huge difference. When love is in the air the effort big or small you put into doing something, matters a lot. Think chocolate cookies, macaroons, red velvet cake or even margaritas over brunch.

Take  a drive-Driving out of the city for a few hours to your best joint by the lake would be a great date idea. Road trips can be stressful especially if you don’t have a car, but that shouldn’t be a problem if you have affordable car hire companies at your service. Companies like Kings ride ventures or Easy car hire would be perfect for my fellow Kenyans who are looking for affordable luxury cars.
 For my international family Turo is a great way to amplify your date night.Turo is a peer-to- peer car Rental Company where you can rent a fun car for an extra special date or better yet a road trip/ weekend getaway with your lover. They have a variety of cars you can choose from including Tesla’s that can be adventurous on a romantic date.

Do you have any ideas on adventurous dates? Do let me know 

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Flirty fall essentials with Adore ME

Chilly days can really give you mixed feelings on what you want to wear. Sometimes you just want to layer clothes and cuddle under the blanket all day.Unfortunately,that’s not possible ,there’s work,meetings and errands to run.

Any perfect ootd or ootn begins with good underwear. What you wear underneath your clothes can either make or break your day. Why, you ask? Can you imagine uncomfortable under wear, that huge wire from your bra that is almost piercing your chest or pieces of thread running form your favorite knickers? Not good…

Comfortable and sexy pieces boost your confidence. I was really happy when i got invited to participate in the #Flirtyfallflatlay campaign by Adore Me






Feel sexy at the gym too.

My favorite part about Adore Me, is the fact that they encourage, inspire and recognize body positivity and confidence. They also have an amazing selection of bras and panties that fit all body sizes.

On there website you not only get to shop for lingerie but for active wear and sleep wear too.

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Fitbit Charge HR review



I was eager to get my hands on the Fitbit charge HR, I couldn’t wait to share my excitement with you guys . I got into the #fitbixchallenge by Weetabix East Africa , they gave each member a Fitbit charge HR. All I had to do was give an inspirational story on why I wanted to be fit and healthy in 2016.That’s how I got into the challenge.





Every day of the week we compete in different activities on the challenge and at the end of the week the winner gets a Weetabix hamper. The challenge is still ongoing and the overall winner will walk away with a bigger reward.

A lot of people on social media ask what a Fitbit is and what’s the big deal about it.

Fitbit is a wireless enabled; wearable activity tracker that also monitors your continuous heart rate, your sleep and display caller ID information from a connected smart phone through the Fitbit app. The Charge HR model resembles a traditional watch, making it wearable everyday in your outdoor activities or the office.

The big deal about this device is that you have to stay active no matter what. We all know exercise is essential to our well being. As a Fitbit user I can compete in challenges within the device community on the app where I get notifications on my competitors’ progress throughout their activities.

The device works well with Iphone, Android and leading windows devices. The package comes with the wristband tracker (Fitbit), charging cable and a wireless dongle in case you need to sync stats on the computer.

I’m glad that Fitbit has made me more active and I have made new friends too. I hope it will improve my health and fitness journey.

I would advise you to get the device  ,join the Fitbit community all  over the world and have fun while staying active.

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DIY shelves

The weirdest thing about your siblings being brothers only, is that parents treat you all equally. My dad always has the policy of whatever my brothers can do I can too.
Well…that’s my story, that’s how I grew up. I have always been handy in all the projects at home, I never complain because I’ve grown to love that side of me. I like it when I do things that seem difficult, I simply love DIY.


                Ignore the red clamp 


The other day my brother and I drooled over these shelves on Pinterest that we couldn’t help but copy. DIYs that involve wood work can be pretty challenging especially if you can’t access good tools. Truth be told, I don’t have any fancy tools as for now but I’m planning on purchasing some soon.

Anyway, all we had was a claw hammer, a handful of 2 inch steel nails (very important if you don’t want your concrete wall to crack), ordinary nails, Block board, tape measure and a saw. All the measurements will depend on how big or small you want the shelves to be.

Cut the block board into 9 by 9 inches in 9 parts. Then nail them together as the picture shows, take your time; make sure they are firmly nailed together. On your wall fix the assembled shelves one steel nail at a time. You want to only nail the parts where the board touches the wall.


Make sure the shelves are straight on the wall, Once you’re are done, you can opt to paint or just use a clear varnish for that glossy finish.

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3 cold weather products for your face

The weather has been so unpredictable, but the cold, dry and windy days are worse. Even though my skin tends to break out or feel so dry during this kind of weather, i always prepare myself for such changes.
When it comes to skin products i try to keep it simple.


Parachute coconut oil.
If you follow any natural hair bloggers you definitely are familiar with this oil.
It’s 100% coconut oil and also an edible grade . Coconut oil is a beauty secret that has been loved and shared by generations of women. Parachute has a very sweet but mild scent. I use it on my hair and body.


Simple clear oil balancing moisturizer
Instantly reduces shine and feels light on skin, this is one product i have been loyal to for the longest time.


Fay pure wet wipes
Wipes come in handy when you need to clean and refresh your skin without washing your face. Fay wet tissues gently refresh your skin whenever you are. I love this particular one with aloe and vitamin E for my face.