Shades of myself 

Art by Tosh

I lost my sleep so early today, although drained from standing, twisting and posing  for  4 hours straight throughout  yesterday’s photoshoot, I still couldn’t get myself to sleep again.

I woke up fixed myself a cup of  green and lime tea, sat by the window and stared through the dark spaces on my curtains.

I hate mornings really, I have to stay up quietly   in my room for almost an hour to avoid morning talks, noises and oh!! My little brother who always asks for his stuff at 5 am in the morning. Headphones, Books and socks this little man is good at ruining my break of day.

Anyway, I really find it hard to describe myself or my character as it is the purpose of this post. I’m many things, I’m everywhere. I could be Gumball, Tryra banks or Condoleezza Rice in one day.

Confusing huh!! My friends like to describe me as fierce, elegant, sensitive, passionate, powerful, fire, enthusiastic, random, edgy, go getter, schematic and adventurous as the list goes on I’d think of myself as one thing, Imaginative.

I love to create from my head to my hands. I walk into a room and see beyond the solid white walls, I see beauty in the most weird and unusual places.

I over think, over analyze sometimes being as I hate surprises.

Tracking my social media,  y’all can notice I love reading and watching ahead. Constantly creating theories that end up true. You’d want to keep off my timeline if you hate movie spoilers lol!



  1. me , I can’t be able to point whom I am in a particular directions..

    1. Le Kariuki says:

      Thank you for sharing hun

  2. Love the post! I hate morning talk too lol

    1. Le Kariuki says:

      Thank God I’m not alone. Thank you for stopping by

  3.’re amazing and I wanna see the photoshoot! Most people don’t understand the pains and work required for good modeling

    1. Le Kariuki says:

      People believe its all glam life,I’ll share the photos once the photographer sends them to me.

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