Give Away with Afyapap 

Having a healthy lifestyle is important for your body.Staying healthy is more than having occasional walks and a bowl of greens once a week, staying healthy is all about taking care of yourself every minute, what you eat everyday and having a consistent fitness/workout  routine.

Maintaining  a healthy lifestyle is hard work but the results are fruitful. It might take you so many years to notice but, it’s all worth it.

With our busy schedules it gets hard to keep up and we sometimes need a little push or reminder.

Having used an activity tracker before I  can proudly say that I improved my fitness and health routine.

I was happy to collaborate with Afyapap from the Baobab circle technology company to share with you guys some very important news.

Afyapap is a simple health monitoring and personalized coaching app, allowing you to live life to the greatest potential.

It features a daily chat that provides information on lifestyle and health customized to your needs.

You also get to directly inquire from nutritionists, nurses and doctors.

Afyapap allows you to track your health data,blood sugar levels, blood pressure, physical activity, sexual health and mental wellness.

Note: Afyapap is not intended for disease diagnosis

I would love my readers to stay healthy and also experience positive changes through Afyapap pap.

I will be giving away 3 pedometers (Activity tracker).

For a chance to win,  comment with screenshots of the app as downloaded on your mobile phone. The app is only available on Google Play store in Swahili and English.

Afyapap offers free usage on the first month then after, it will only cost you Ksh 25 a week.

The Give Away is open until 15th April 2017 for Kenyan residents only.

 Stay healthy.

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  1. didy says: post over there, am so much into fitness and would to have a tracker.hope I will get one.thank you

  2. Evelyn says:

    How do I post it?

    1. Le Kariuki says:

      Hi, Evelyn take a screen shot of the app and put it on this comment section. Like uploading it

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