DIY shelves

The weirdest thing about your siblings being brothers only, is that parents treat you all equally. My dad always has the policy of whatever my brothers can do I can too.
Well…that’s my story, that’s how I grew up. I have always been handy in all the projects at home, I never complain because I’ve grown to love that side of me. I like it when I do things that seem difficult, I simply love DIY.


                Ignore the red clamp 


The other day my brother and I drooled over these shelves on Pinterest that we couldn’t help but copy. DIYs that involve wood work can be pretty challenging especially if you can’t access good tools. Truth be told, I don’t have any fancy tools as for now but I’m planning on purchasing some soon.

Anyway, all we had was a claw hammer, a handful of 2 inch steel nails (very important if you don’t want your concrete wall to crack), ordinary nails, Block board, tape measure and a saw. All the measurements will depend on how big or small you want the shelves to be.

Cut the block board into 9 by 9 inches in 9 parts. Then nail them together as the picture shows, take your time; make sure they are firmly nailed together. On your wall fix the assembled shelves one steel nail at a time. You want to only nail the parts where the board touches the wall.


Make sure the shelves are straight on the wall, Once you’re are done, you can opt to paint or just use a clear varnish for that glossy finish.

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