Animal print

print 6

Animal print

print 2


print 5

print 2

print 8

print 9

Ever had a moment in life when you doubt everything you do? That time when things don’t work out as you always wanted and you are so disappointed in yourself?

That’s my life right now, having dealt with depression for almost a year now; things are going from bad to worse and I am so uninspired.

Anyway, sorry for being MIA I hope to get well as soon as possible.

I took these pictures like a month ago, I like skirts on warm days and having a buttoned cardigan as a top was a great idea. The best thing about this look is that, it can transition easily to a night look by simply unbuttoning the cardigan, have on a black cropped corset, throw on some studded heels and you are good to go.

Do you like animal print, how would you pair it? Let me know


Skirt- A friend’s shop



Hair-Marley braid

Thanks for stopping by XO





6 thoughts on “Animal print

  1. Found your page through Instagram 😉
    Oh yeah I’m in the exact same situation right now but trying to hold my chin up for my son. Trust me everything has to be okay in the end. Do let us know how you are soon.

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