Crotchet braids:My experience

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Exactly a month ago, i had my Marley braids installed by the lovely Addah.I was scared at first, i wasn’t sure if i would be able to maintain them as they should, so i dashed to the beauty shop and got everything thing that read untangles easily and for itchy scalp. Little did i know that the more products i use on my scalp the more build up i get, so my solution for itchy scalp never worked.

And the oily braids kept on causing breakouts on my face, so i decided to do something crazy
1.) Because having Marley hair installed is not very cheap
2.) I could not stand the itch anymore.
I’ve watched a lot of videos on protective crotchet hair but non gave me the solution to my problem.So I washed the hair, not in a special routine but the usual simple way, shampoo, treat and rinse.When Marley hair is wet it untangles easily, that was a good sign.

For my scalp i decided to use my own ‘recipe’ I took a spray bottle filled it have way with water, fresh Aloe vera juice, apple cider vinegar, olive oil, coconut oil and dark &lovely’s hairline treatment. I’ve been using this mixture for a while now and my scalp is perfectly okay, it also untangles the braids pretty well.

It’s no doubt that this hair is becoming my favorite style and if you follow my social media you wouldn’t agree more.

The strangest thing about Marley crotchet braids, is the fact that there hair looks better as it ages, oh well!!not really aging like many years, but the more you keep it, the better it looks,for instance ,when your hair line grows out it blends perfectly with the braids, giving you a natural hair kind of look, trust me I’ve heard strangers argue behind me on a bus stop whether it’s my hair or not, to an extent of one calling me Bob Marley’s sister,lol!good thing i never said a word and that thought of full or big natural hair gave me life.

It been one month and i’ve washed my hair twice, let’s see how long it will survive,imma break this record lol!