Mobile phone review :Infinix zero 2








When thinking of getting a new phone, brand is the first thing we consider, some of us are married to particular brands that it becomes difficult to experiment with others.

Before I go on,I’d like to inform you that this is not a sponsored post and everything is from my personal view.

A good example is my younger brother, he’d rather save up thousands  to buy a specific phone whereas a phone with similar specifications is available at a cheaper price.
It’s important to have a brand you believe in but then again be flexible we are the digital generation ,experiment more.

Two weeks ago I googled to check out the best phone I could find within my budget, and I came across the Infinix zero 2.Y’all know how the Infinix brand is growing into the Kenyan mobile phone market.

Having read several reviews and drooled over a gazillion selfies on Instagram ,Infinix is definitely the go to or the must have phone.

Let’s get technical for a minute, shall we? The display size of the phone is 5″ with an internal memory of 32GB (Hello apps).

And the best part is that it comes with a Corning gorilla glass screen  so low chances of breaking. Of course I didn’t forget about the camera,it has a 13Mp back and 5Mp front camera.

Am looking forward to exploring more with my Infinix zero 2.
I used the phone to take the pictures above during my birthday adventure.

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