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Coming up with an appropriate office wear has always been a problem for me, reason being that I feel restricted when I have to wear specific clothes especially official wear. I am a free person and I believe my dress code should be the same. Don’t get me wrong, catch me dead in tights when am in the office.

Official wear shouldn’t be all about black and brown suits, sorry lawyers; we should be creative and keep it decent at the same time. I love neutral colours for the office and maybe a pop of colour or print to spice up a plain look.

It has been too hot of late and I know y’all wondering why I chose to wear black, these pants are so light, the fabric feels like feather on my skin, I wore the sweater as a top which is also kind of light too.
What do you wear to work?

Pants-A friend’s boutique
Sweater- BS
Shoes-CBD stalls
Bag-Fashion factory
Hair-Marley crotchet braids

Photo cred:Alois Art

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