Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards

Fashion is becoming huge in Africa, from fashion weeks in various cities to fashion awards. This year the Abryanz style and fashion awards are spreading throughout East Africa including Kenya.

Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards

The award has been running for two years now and 2015 is going to be their third. The Abryanz style and fashion award seeks to appreciate and reward outstanding personalities in the fashion industry here in East Africa. It involves models, designers, stylists, makeup artists, celebrities with good fashion sense among others.


Step one.
Post the picture of your favorite personality.

Step 2.
Type… I nominate …for example:
So and so for stylist of the year with Hashtags
Step 3.
Post the picture on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

I’ll be giving you updates on the awards process, thanks for stopping by XO.


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