Mobile phone review :Infinix zero 2








When thinking of getting a new phone, brand is the first thing we consider, some of us are married to particular brands that it becomes difficult to experiment with others.

Before I go on,I’d like to inform you that this is not a sponsored post and everything is from my personal view.

A good example is my younger brother, he’d rather save up thousands  to buy a specific phone whereas a phone with similar specifications is available at a cheaper price.
It’s important to have a brand you believe in but then again be flexible we are the digital generation ,experiment more.

Two weeks ago I googled to check out the best phone I could find within my budget, and I came across the Infinix zero 2.Y’all know how the Infinix brand is growing into the Kenyan mobile phone market.

Having read several reviews and drooled over a gazillion selfies on Instagram ,Infinix is definitely the go to or the must have phone.

Let’s get technical for a minute, shall we? The display size of the phone is 5″ with an internal memory of 32GB (Hello apps).

And the best part is that it comes with a Corning gorilla glass screen  so low chances of breaking. Of course I didn’t forget about the camera,it has a 13Mp back and 5Mp front camera.

Am looking forward to exploring more with my Infinix zero 2.
I used the phone to take the pictures above during my birthday adventure.

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Office appropriate

office 8office 2

office 1office 4

office 5

office 6

office 7

office 9

Coming up with an appropriate office wear has always been a problem for me, reason being that I feel restricted when I have to wear specific clothes especially official wear. I am a free person and I believe my dress code should be the same. Don’t get me wrong, catch me dead in tights when am in the office.

Official wear shouldn’t be all about black and brown suits, sorry lawyers; we should be creative and keep it decent at the same time. I love neutral colours for the office and maybe a pop of colour or print to spice up a plain look.

It has been too hot of late and I know y’all wondering why I chose to wear black, these pants are so light, the fabric feels like feather on my skin, I wore the sweater as a top which is also kind of light too.
What do you wear to work?

Pants-A friend’s boutique
Sweater- BS
Shoes-CBD stalls
Bag-Fashion factory
Hair-Marley crotchet braids

Photo cred:Alois Art

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Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards

Fashion is becoming huge in Africa, from fashion weeks in various cities to fashion awards. This year the Abryanz style and fashion awards are spreading throughout East Africa including Kenya.

Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards

The award has been running for two years now and 2015 is going to be their third. The Abryanz style and fashion award seeks to appreciate and reward outstanding personalities in the fashion industry here in East Africa. It involves models, designers, stylists, makeup artists, celebrities with good fashion sense among others.

Step one.
Post the picture of your favorite personality.

Step 2.
Type… I nominate …for example:
So and so for stylist of the year with Hashtags
Step 3.
Post the picture on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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One dress two ways


prep punk 1

prep punk 2
Look one can be worn to the office or to a formal event
Look two is so rockstar, felt like I had dressed for a rock concert (best look)

punk 3

punk 4

punk 2

punk 1

Am used to styling my outfits in a particular way, I certainly seldom remember that fashion blogging is all about creativity, do you do that to? No? It’s alright if you don’t.

One thing I have learnt over the years is that normal is overdone, you get used to how you put outfits together until you style becomes predictable.

I should break rules, risk, rise, fall and inspire people at the end of it all. I got this plaid dress at Mtindwa few months ago, It’s very cute that’s for sure, but the moment I wore the dress, something was wrong, it didn’t feel or look stylish at all, until my friend Alois Art insisted that it reminded him of some punk styles he had seen, I didn’t clearly get what he meant, as I was busy envisioning myself pulling a very interesting look with this “not stylish’ dress. I went rocker chic with it.

Dress- Mtindwa

Boots-Old (very old)



Studded Vest-Borrowed

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