Casual days

 IMG_3100Boyfiend jeans,denim

Boyfriend jeans,denim

boyfriend jeans,denim

Boyfriend jeans ,denim

Boyfriend jeans,denim

Espadrilles,boyfriend jeans,denim

I should stop apologizing for not posting in a long time and just let you know what’s been happening. June will never be my best month since that’s when mama’s death memorial is.

I have to admit this dear friends, you can never stop grieving but you can learn to live with it. So when the 28th came, which was the actual Memorial Day, it took a toll on me. I became moody and depressed, still had the hundreds of questions that no one could answer.

This year my family wasn’t ready to attend the memorial but I took some of my close friends and siblings to the country side. The small event turned out to be great and I enjoyed my stay at Elburgon for that whole weekend.

Moving on, I wore this outfit for relaxed casual weekend. Muscle tees are super comfy tomboy swag with a girly twist style. I love animations so much and y’all can agree that The Simpsons was one of the best we had when growing up.
The boyfriend jeans and cobalt espadrilles are a perfect combination to this outfit.
Would you wear a muscle tee?

Muscle tee – DIY
Jeans – Mtindwa
Espadrilles – Gikomba

Photo cred: Alois_Art

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  1. Sorry about your mom… I feel the same way about my grandma (she was more like a mom to me.). The pain shall probably not go away completely, but will be softened by the passage of time. Take heart, better times shall come!

    I have liked muscle tees on guys so far, but you wear it well too. You look gorgeous!

  2. so sorry about your mama!its great to hear that you had a memorial for her, I am sure she was happy!
    really love what you have done with your braids! Really looks nice, wish I could be able to do things like that sigh!!!xx

  3. You look fantastic dear and I’m sorry to read about your loss. I understand how painful it feels to grieve for a dear loss but yes we learn to live with it as you say. Kudos to your courage for being able to stay strong!
    PS: I love your hair!
    Nilu Yuleena
    BIG hair LOUD mouth

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