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I have always told you guys that comfort is key when it comes to clothes, that’s exactly what I look for when I put together an outfit. The cold months are almost over YAY!! For me because pneumonia is killing me, well! Not really, but am on medication and my chest hurts.

Have you ever thought of adding a sporty piece to your look? I have seen a lot of sports inspired outfits on runways thanks to Fashion TV, and the baseball cap is my go to sport item. It’s like the coolest piece you can ever have.

Dump the floppy hats and other headgear and try out a baseball hat. The best part of picking the cap is that you can always wear one that has your team brand on, see that? Show your team some love in a stylish way.
You do not have to be a tomboy to pull off this look, actually the hat could be a good cover for the bad hair days, as an accessory, and can give shade for your face on sunny days.

While going through the MLB Hats ,i was amazed by the wide range of choice i had,I picked three hats and created my look as i would have worn them.


I love dungarees especially the ones in shorts,just grab a nice baseball hat and you are good to go.


For that girly look


And finally ,my best from the three ,I have always wanted a bucket hat in this colour .Something about the Orange screams fun.The crop top and denim are a perfect combination.I know the bucket hat is not a baseball cap but since i found it on the page,I could not resist having it  and who doesn’t love The San Francisco Giants? My friends in the states are huge fans ,i am happy to show my support too.How about y’all go to MLB Hatsand pick one that suites your style.

All outfits – Polyvore

Hats- MLB Hats

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