Braids and layers

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Hello awesome people!!

Sorry for not posting in a while, had a really tight work schedule from last week. Can we talk about the cold in Nairobi of late? I’ve been surviving on hot chocolate and drinking less water which now I regret after a horrible face breakout am trying to deal with.

Two weeks ago ‘The boys’ (my cool male friends) dropped by my place trying to convince me to leave the house and go get some sun as we explore nature. I was a bit reluctant,but agreed after I finally found something to wear. Hanging out with ‘the boys ‘can be weird sometimes ,especially when you plan for a lunch out and end up in a sports bar or climbing rocks in the middle of nowhere.

I wore these Timbs to toughen the girly outfit. This is the only layered dress I own and the only I can wear, something about the light denim layers make it cute and fun. We ended up climbing rocks after Alois-art took this lovely picture of me.

Timberland boots –Gifted
Dress- Koch
Sweater- Gifted (Macy’s)

Photo credit: Alois_Art

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  1. I get you on that one,it’s been extra cold around.I like your outfit but I love the braids more.
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