Too cool for school

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Hey y’all, am glad this week has come to an end, the week started off well, we just had Madaraka day so the weekend was longer than usual. With all the excitement of getting back to work , I attended several meetings on Tuesday, It was until later I began wishing for the week to end faster or start over.

That evening it was raining, I quickly pack my bags and rush to the bus station where I find this endless queue of my fellow commuters,desperately waiting for a bus home .I got rained a little, as I try to find shade and keep dry, the showers took a while and by a while I mean around two hours and still no bus. It’s weird how patient a human being can be in times of desperation.

Around three hours past, some buses come to our rescue, phew!!I felt like hugging the bus and the driver, we board with wide smiles that we are finally going home. The driver decides to take a short cut so as to get at the Eastern bypass on time and what do we find? Traffic at around 10:00pm.As usual we wait, because we Kenyans are very patient when it comes to traffic.

Fast forward …..its 1:00am still stuck in traffic ,no cars are moving to or from ,just stuck .I began  freaking out, couldn’t walk home because of the distance and I couldn’t get a cab either unless it could fly …long story short I got home at 4:00am.

This got me thinking so much and I can actually consider working from home or the country side. You feel me!!

ION, this outfit was part of the blogger challenge we had, something about preppy that makes me feel like a cool class prefect and a bestie to Blair Waldorf.Enjoy!

preppy 1

preppy 2

preppy 3

preppy 4

preppy 5

preppy 6

preppy 8

preppy 9

preppy 10

preppy 11

preppy 12

Shoes -CBD

Skirt- Koch

Blazer- From my small brother

Satchel- Molo


Shirt – Bought from a friend

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