What’s my 20?


Instead of my usual outfit posts, today I’ll will be doing a post like taking stock but with a different twist.

I was inspired by glamour magazine where they pick a celebrity and have them say the 20 things they are doing, need to do or wish for.

Here goes my 20:

Coconut cookies at Paul’s Bakery. I can leave for those, so delish!

Manicure, my hands are so angry at me right now.

Pinterest, whoever discovered this app deserves a great award. It’s a small world of solutions.

Polaroid camera for capturing great memories on print and Polaroid pictures are very cute.

Delicious Mandazi’s that my boyfriend makes. He is great.


Jenny Colgan’s ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’……when you hit rock bottom, the only way is up.

Plum lipstick for my Goth inspired fashion post coming soon.

Magazines and more magazines, am a collector.

Piriton pills for my whole family, because they all need to sleep and let me study.

A weekend getaway to the Mara would be perfect.

harem 4

Is anyone else obsessed with crochet braids on YouTube like I am? I was beginning to think am a weirdo.

Drinking water at 4.00 am, what’s the deal with that?

Waje featuring Diamond!! Coco Baby………let me know when to stop dancing.

DIY monograms and quote frames for my newly painted wall.

Thrift shopping at night. Nairobi doesn’t sleep.

harem 5

Downloading a writing exercise app.Don’t judge.

Sleek pressed powder, superior tan #103, I have never been in love with my face before.

Scandal because am the only one who hasn’t watched it.

Curls, flexi rods are the solution for bad hair days.

Charity, there is no greater feeling than helping someone in need.

harem 3

harem 2

Let me know if this is an interesting post.

One piece harem – Koch

Sandles – Bus station

Cross body bag-Nakuru

Ring-Bought from a friend

Thanks for stopping by XO.


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