Blocking in brights










I remember back in 2011 when fashion lovers were head over heels on the colour blocking trend.

At that time i never took that whole blocking idea seriously,until i started collecting pieces with bold colours like this hot pink sweater.

When i came up with this look ,I was going for a sunny day outfit but not until I was literally melting in this sweater and realized its too heavy for a sunny day.It would work well for those windy or cold days,especially now that the rainy season has started.

How cute is this cross body bag?





Shoes-A stall along Moi Avenue

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DIY shopping bag




When women mention shopping, we always think of clothes, shoes and bags. But what we forget is that there is a lot of other staff women love to shop for…like groceries, yes!! I just said that.

Sometimes, what we use to carry our groceries doesn’t matter be it a basket, plastic bag or any other kind of bag. To me these small things really matter, It’s very unpleasant to walk around carrying plastic bags.

So today I bring you the idea of converting that beautiful piece of material lying somewhere in your closet into a nice shopping bag, one that it’s worth showing off when shopping. For fruits, veggies or any kind of shopping that makes you happy.

What you need:
• Material (I used one khanga)
• Scissors
• Handles (from old handbag but you can use fabric to make them too)
• Needle and thread or use a sewing machine
• Tape measure

• Measure the material according to the size of bag you want and cut into a rectangle.
• Two of each side should be perfectly equal in measurements; fold making the equal sides meet each other. It should look like a big pocket.
• Sew two sides the bottom and the other open side.
• Attach the handles and make sure the seam is strong to hold the bag when it’s heavy.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this simple project.
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