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Have you ever planned for something then you end up not doing it because you hurt yourself or a friend showed up unexpectedly and you can’t go out?

We all love to plan things ahead, “I’ll do this on this day”…It’s actually not a bad thing but the greatest lesson I’ve learnt for the past few months is that you can never plan for the next minute of your life. I woke up last Tuesday early morning to finish my chores so that I get time for basket ball practice and skate training, super stoked since I finally had time to include these activities in my life and what happens?

Still up and down trying to get my chores done and I stepped on wet floor, slid and hit the ground so hard with my head. I was in so much pain and I couldn’t move my arm and my head hurt too, thank God nothing broke but my elbow still hurts so no basket ball training till further notice.Same thing happened last year July we watch a movie and have tea late at night with my mum then like an hour later after I go to bed she’s gone…we never know what will happen after now .

Anyhow with an injured elbow I tried to take outfit photos for the blog, it’s amazing how simple wardrobe basics can be styles in so many different ways. I folded the simple white tee into a crop top to give it that relaxed sunny day look, a hat and a pair of cute sandals ready to strut under the scotching sun.


Gold chain-Stall in town

White tee-From my small brother’s closet

Tights-Bus station

Sandals- Christmas gift

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Comfort zone









A friend once asked me to describe my style and after a while in deep thought I couldn’t come up with the rights words, I really don’t have that specific look/style.

At 19, I thought more skin meant sexy, so I would wear strapless tops and tight pants or a tiny skirt. (Am afraid I have no photos for that time.) When making the transition from a teenager to adulthood I learnt to accept my small frame and covered up more .

This is when I understood tight is not necessarily hot and BAM!!!The fashionista in me came out.You don’t have to follow trends or wear what people think is good for you, just wear what fits right and be confident. It has been so many years past and I can rock a good pair of boyfriend jeans (The loose and low rise ones) and feel good about it.

But you need a good eye for the right pair or else you end up looking like you are wearing a sack.
What I love most about the pants am wearing today is that you can wear them in very different styles. The cut, fit and the pleats around the waist makes them more chic. Easy when avoiding a tomboish look.

Remember it’s all about experimentation and fun.

Pants -Mtindwa
Flannel- Gifted
Boots-bought from a friend
Sunnies-Moi avenue

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