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Our view in fashion/style changes as we grow up, for instance remember how we used to keep clothes matchy matchy when we were kids? A white Cinderella dress, white pumps and maybe a tiny white clutch, now in 2014 all grown up and all am thinking of is how I’ll clash colours and prints.

I have always thought of people who mix print to be too daring, how do you just walk out of the house with a hounds tooth bottom and a dotted top, the thought of it sounds crazy but when I saw myself on the mirror I couldn’t stop smiling, why didn’t I try this earlier? Anyway there is a first time for everything.

I realized it can be so simple to rock print on print and it can also turn out to be a complete disaster. Don’t be scared to try it out and never mind what matches with what just go through every piece in your closet and find what prints go well/compliment with each other ,colour shouldn’t matter, finish up the look with simple make up, accessories have an attitude and strut.

Skirt – Koch (Korogocho)

Top -Gifted

Shoes – Stall in the CBD

Bag – From mum

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