Vibrant blossoms











Hello lovely people,

The sun is out to stay,like seriously its getting too hot since last week.My love for prints is growing too fast,floral print has been around for too long and you can all agree that it’s never going to get old,only add a modern twist to it and you are good to go.

This wide leg shorts are one of my best thrift finds,I mean just look at the colour, it’s perfect for the sunny weather.I love how the flowers are a little bit wild but still maintains a feminine feel to it through the colours and the length.

Sometimes i get mistaken for a tomboy which is not bad or maybe not good,I always try and add a thing or two to bring out the girly/laddish side.

Did i mention that last Sunday was my birthday? I feel so blessed to be an year older,I spent half of that day at church where our parish celebrated family day then later hooked up with friend for late lunch.

Shorts – Koch (Korogocho)

Lace top – old

Shoes – A stall in the CBD

Rings and earrings – bought from a friend

Thanks for stopping by XO


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