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Hello everyone, a while back I felt so stressed with the major changes in my life. I decided to give back to the society by participating in charity work. I went to two places, local children’s home and a rehabilitation center in Kabete. All my life I have never seen children with so much hope, joy and energy.

These kids had touching stories to tell. If a nine year old can be that strong why not me? Everyone in life has their problems, only difference is we all experience different issues in life, since then I have been keeping my friends and family close and smiling all through, I got inspired.

On other news, my love for slouchy, oversize sweaters continues and this specific one is an all time favorite. Off late my place has been so dusty and sunny, I wore a very light pair of navy jeans and my light knit sweater.
I used to think round sunglasses would make me look like an insect, you know…big weird looking eyes ,but I think they are kind of cool now ,especially these mirrored ones .

They transform my outfit from simple to playful and nothing else would have complimented them well than my go to head wrap, talk of bad hair days.


Simple layers






Hello everyone,this cold weather is against me in every way….just kidding. I hate how long my clothes take to air dry ,the sun should just come out already.

I happen to have those days that i don’t feel my trench coats or my heavy knits,but then again I still run to my cold weather staples,in this case  a varsity jacket which is not really perfect for the cold and a puffy navy vest. Every lady should have a good pair of blue jeans/skinnies,it’s an all seasoned piece.

I layered this simple pieces with the hope that the sun would shine and took the pictures last weekend at my short visit to grandpa’s in Elburgon. Are you guys loving my thick box braids like I do? I can’t get enough of them especially the colour which makes this protective hair style stand out more.

Jacket – Nakuru

Vest – Gift from Mum

Jeans – Ruai

Boots – Korogocho

Ring – Nairobi CBD

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Tribute to Mum

Mum at a church event
Mum at a church event
She had a unique way of dressing
She had a unique way of dressing
She loved animal print so much
She loved animal print so much

Last Christmas and the best we ever had

Mum and my brother back in the 90's
Mum and my brother back in the 90’s

Hello everyone,I took a month break after a major blow in my life.I lost my dear mother on 28th of July early morning ,I’ve decided to make this entire post about her as a tribute to the most amazing person I ever knew.I have so much to tell you and being the first born and the only girl this is not easy at all.

Mum taught me a lot about life ,made me a very strong woman and taught me how to handle issues through her life experiences.When i was growing up i used to be bullied for being skinny ,mum had my back all the time ,I remember how she taught me to walk like a lady,head up,chest out and strut.She also made me wear clothes that complimented my skinny body,and that’s where my love affair with fashion began ,when i was still in primary school.

She even bought me a small sewing machine so that i could make doll clothes as she made her clothes,Awesome,right?

The most memorable thing about my mother in our society was her heart for giving back,she started the first junior soccer team in our area and helped trained them to an extent of taking responsibility of some kids at a local children’s home.

I miss her so much it hurts but all i know is her time came and i have to allow her to rest in peace,My siblings and i are trying to take things easy and we will continue giving back and standing by the foundation mum built,loving one another and supporting each other no matter what.

Rest in peace Mama