Sneak me out

So what if sneakers and sweatshirts are mostly worn by men? I love the idea of borrowing this style from them. A comfy outfit that allows you to keep warm in this cold season and be able to run errands easily not worrying if it’s going to rain or what bag to carry with what outfit.

This is the kind of look I would wear when hooking up with friends or the boys especially during World cup games, a good look for just chilling or walking.

The sweat shirt is perfect for the June/July weather, nice colour for a simple casual look. I love how simple pieces can make an outfit stand out, Seriously!check out my sneakers then the sweatshirt awesome right?

If someone told me to wear sneakers a while back,I would roll my eyes like “I am no boy”.
I still don’t get why they were so boyish then, but my love for them grew when I got this Creative Recreation babies as a birthday gift.

I am also a huge fan of good leggings .I always ensure I get the right fit and thick enough not to expose what’s meant to be covered. This is one of my staples and always comes in handy on the ‘I don’t have anything to wear’ days,we sure do have those days, don’t we?

sneak 10

sneak 11

sneak 1

sneak 2

sneak 3

sneak 4

sneak 5

sneak 6

sneak 7

sneak 8

sneak 9

Leggings-Bus station



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