Just for Father’s Day



(My dad ,I hope one day he will quit smoking)

I love that social media is full of father Love messages and am sure all the dads out there are proud of themselves.

My dad has not been around for a while, he is somewhere or in the middle of nowhere maintaining peace in our country.

So yesterday I called and wished him an early Happy Father’s Day and before for saying anything else he started asking if there is something we’ve planned for him.

I had to make up a story very first, now I don’t have a choice but to throw him a ‘Welcome home\Father’s day’ mini party.

He has taught me a lot and he always expects me to be strong even in worst situations, that’s how growing up among boys feels like.

I am proud to say it’s because of him I can fix my door locks, broken windows and even paint walls by myself.

This day is not only about my dad but to all the responsible dads out there, they work hard to fend for their families .We should appreciate them, it doesn’t matter if you have a good relationship with them or not but as long as they have been in your life let them know you are thankful.


This also goes to my brother who just became a dad a month ago, despite the fact that he’s only 22,he tries to be the best youngest dad there is.

Happy Father’s Day