Blue print




Hello readers,hope y’all doing good.I can’t stop laughing at my mum after finding out she once forgot to take her head wrap off while going to school in the morning,she was laughed at all day and to make the matters worse the head wrap wasn’t cute.

Grandma had just come from the planting potatoes,she took her head wrap and wiped her soiled hands,you can imagine its the same scarf my mum used to wrap her hair overnight.Funny? I know…

Anyhow ,I wore this outfit to school last week .Pencil skirts are very versatile and can be worn with every woman.I love how they balance the body by shaping the tummy and give smooth curves.

I never thought this pieces would compliment each other  until last week while organizing my closet and noticed the two blues.The chevron pattern on the crop top is nothing but perfect,the kind of prints that scream ‘Notice me!’

Cobalt blue can be worn regularly,try accessories in this shade for a pop of colour ,scarves or even matching separates for the bold enough.

My Tory Burch snake print flats made my outfit less ‘party’ but cool enough for the weekend.

Pencil skirt-Koch

Crop top-Koch (DIYed from a long top)

Flats-Bus station

Pearls – Old

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Just for Father’s Day



(My dad ,I hope one day he will quit smoking)

I love that social media is full of father Love messages and am sure all the dads out there are proud of themselves.

My dad has not been around for a while, he is somewhere or in the middle of nowhere maintaining peace in our country.

So yesterday I called and wished him an early Happy Father’s Day and before for saying anything else he started asking if there is something we’ve planned for him.

I had to make up a story very first, now I don’t have a choice but to throw him a ‘Welcome home\Father’s day’ mini party.

He has taught me a lot and he always expects me to be strong even in worst situations, that’s how growing up among boys feels like.

I am proud to say it’s because of him I can fix my door locks, broken windows and even paint walls by myself.

This day is not only about my dad but to all the responsible dads out there, they work hard to fend for their families .We should appreciate them, it doesn’t matter if you have a good relationship with them or not but as long as they have been in your life let them know you are thankful.


This also goes to my brother who just became a dad a month ago, despite the fact that he’s only 22,he tries to be the best youngest dad there is.

Happy Father’s Day


Stripes and gold


I finally gained the confidence to flaunt my short hair, this is what remained after several trims while transitioning. It looks very short because it shrank after washing, am so happy am embracing my short hair and ready to go natural for a long time. My edges are growing back very fast, I can’t wait to try out twists outs and other funky natural hair styles.

I wore this outfit to the office last week, thank God I don’t have to wear suits during my internship.
There is a fashion truth universally known that horizontal stripes makes you look fatter and vertical stripes make you look skinnier, I strongly disagree.This stripes don’t change anything about me or maybe it can be seen on different body shapes. Tell me what you think.

This skirt is one of my favorite I’ve worn it over and over, I love the pleats and how it can be dressed up or down.
I couldn’t think of a better way to glam up the office look than to accessorize with gold, the shoes are super comfy and about to become a fashion staple in my closet.

Sweater -Gifted

Skirt – Koch

Belt – Koch
Neck piece – (Once a belt) Random stall in town

Shoes – Bus station

Bag – Muthurwa

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Trends I love

Jump suits – From floral motifs to different cuts ,this convertible piece is a fashion must have .It suits all occasions be it date nights ,weddings or the office.I love them in bold colours since it’s a one piece.

Cardigans – I think I have them in all colours .This is one thing you don’t want to live without, they can be worn as tops or layered to beat that cold weather. Cardigans come in all lengths, I prefer mine long maybe past my bum.

Ankle strap sandals – I have an obsession for chunky heeled sandals’, I don’t own a pair yet but am still searching.


Midi rings – Did you know that this trend dates back in the Renaissance era? That’s around the 14th century to 15th century when they signified wealth. Wearing a knuckle/midi ring, placed in the less flexible area immediately above your knuckle showed you didn’t work in the fields. Too much history, anyhow my love for midi rings is growing so fast you’ll be seeing them soon on the blog.


Turbans/Head wraps – You do not have to wait for a bad hair day to rock your turban. Go for wild prints or bold colours to make it pop. Remember a turban/head wrap is an accessory by itself try to keep the rest of the accessories or outfit simple.


Book clutch – I’ve tried to get the best book clutch there is,the only option is to order from outside the country, but why do that yet my crafty self can make one? That’s my ongoing project, I’ll be sharing with you what I have done so far.


Oversize sweaters – I can’t stop wearing them, funny how my mom keeps on telling me that am losing weight when I wear an oversize sweater. They are super comfy and very stylish, wear them over leggings and add a scarf on those cold days.


Snake print – I am not a snake fun but I have to admit that snake print is a wild and classy print, that’s if you wear it the right way. Give the leopard print a break and dare to be different with a nice snake print top, pants or clutch bag.


Masculine watch – I know it sounds odd for me to like men watches. There’s just something about them maybe the size or design that makes them so hot .Ladies, don’t be afraid to wear your boyfriends, dad’s or brother’s watch, It’s a simple accessory that toughens your whole outfit.



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