Ivory dress


Do you have clothes in your wardrobe that your wear repeatedly? I am guilty of that,I think I’ve already been named ‘The girl with the Ivory dress’ ,I must admit that it is too cute to be left alone .The fabric,length,colour and details whats not to love? It is a perfect vacation dress.

I wore it on one of the hottest days in Mombasa ,almost two months ago.It was extremely hot and all I wanted was a very light dress that can dry easily in case water splashed on it during my walk along the beach.

The small ruffles and the golden buttons make the dress wearable in many different styles like adding a pair of cute ankle strap heels preferably in a metallic colour like gold.I wore this dress sometime back over coloured stockings and Moschino ankle boots,for cold weather look.

Despite the heat which made me so dehydrated I still managed to have fun ,I added a pop of colour with printed open toe flats which are very comfortable and my oversize sunglasses.Do let me know what you think.

Dress- Mtindwa
Flats- Mtindwa
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