Knit results

Happy Easter readers, I hope you are all having a good time .My weekend was short but fun since I got to hang out with friends and family.



I miss the old days when we used to travel to grandma’s place for Easter, we would take photos at almost every stop in the Rift valley ,nowadays we are all grown up, people go to work on holidays and sometimes the best you can get is a simple ‘Happy Easter’ text.

I’m currently obsessing over open knit sweaters ,I’v trying to get one for months until late last week, I got three in different colors, you will be seeing them on the blog soon.

I love pairing slouchy sweaters or tops with tights, skinnies and pencil skirts. Coral is a good color for sunny days and this sweater is comfy for days you just want to spice up your simple outfit.

Let me know what you think.

Sweater – thrifted
Shoes – stall at Moi Avenue
Head wrap &tights – Bus station stalls

Thanks for stopping by XO


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