After party quick fix

Hello lovely readers,the weekend is not over yet and i am sure a lot of people are heading out ,maybe a girls night out or date night with your boyfriend.Here are some  tips to help you conquer an after party disaster.

When your voice goes MIA

Endless small talks plus trying to be heard over the music means you may wake up sounding like a donkey.Soothe your strained vocal cords with steam from the shower,then gargle with this mixture for a few seconds (don’t swallow)

  • A glass of warm water
  • A squeeze of lemon
  • 1teaspoon honey
  • A pinch of cayenne pepper

Dry-Mouth Eraser

Alcohol is dehydrating,which is why your mouth becomes parched and bad breath after a boozy night.Get your saliva flowing again by adding a few cucumber slices to a glass of water.Cucumbers have a naturally high water content ,so it’s like getting a double dose of H2O in one shot.Don’t forget your lip balm


Funky stomach

Whether its due to party anxiety or too many snacks,there’s nothing worse than a belly that’s rumbling louder than the background music.Quiet your tummy with a peppermint candy.The menthol relaxes the muscles of your intestines,so you’ll feel better instantly.Stash a few in your purse before heading out.

Info source:Cosmopolitan

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Lets try natural.



Hi readers have decided to try natural hair .I now know that coloring, heating and swimming can completely damage relaxed hair. My mum and I made a decision two weeks ago to go natural, she went for the big chop but I opted for regular trimming and let my hair grow out.
Because of the two different hair textures, I expect a lot of breakage, shedding and styling problems. I did my research and since my hair needs so much care I’d love to share with you what I found out. As for anyone out there trying to go natural, our journey begins now.
Avoid strong heating– Excessive heat styling is dangerous as it compromises protein bonds. It also leads to breakage .Try low manipulation styles .Do not stress the edges. Twists outs, roller sets, Pin curls and buns should be your staples. Moisturize frequently.

Gently detangle– The line of demarcation is where natural hair meets the relaxed hair. It’s the point of weakness, use fingers instead of small combs and brushes when styling.

Deep condition relaxed ends need protein to maintain strength and prevent breakage. Try also using pure oils like olive oil and coconut oil they work wonders, my friend from the country side gave me that advice you guys should see her hair, so full and long. I am ready for all the challenges in my hair journey, do let me know what you think and feel free to give your opinions.
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Stretched comfort.


Sometimes i wake up and feel like i want to wear some loose linen pants,a flowy dress or just a nice loose chiffon top with tights,then i remember  the unpredictable Nairobi weather. My classes end at around 8.00 PM.I always try and dress properly for this weather,like pick an outfit that’s awesome for both day and night.Three weeks ago ,we made a quick stop at Machakos on our way back from Mombasa,alighted the bus for a 5 minutes stretch ,luckily i spotted this super stretchy Bebe jeans from a vendor,long story short i bought them and we are now best friends(me and the jeans ) .It’s very comfy and i don’t have to worry pulling down my top when sitting,like seriously they are super stretchy :-),I couldn’t think of a better way to complete this look than adding a denim shirt (once a very long shirt) and printed open toe flats.As for accessories, I am the queen of simplicity a pair of fake geeks and an owl ring.

Jeans -Machakos

Shirt- Koch


Geeks – stall along Moi avenue

Owl ring-Bought from a friend

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