Red power


Ever wondered why valentines day is associated with the colour red? From clothes to flowers. Red happens to be a warm colour associated with our most physical needs and our will to survive. It exudes strength and energy.

this colour excites emotions and encourage us to take action , can give confidence to shy people or anyone looking for power. Red awakens our physical life force, a colour of sexuality stimulating deeper and intimate passions such as love and sex or revenge and anger on the negative side.Interesting huh?

so I took a few photos,but it focuses on what i wore valentines,

what not to like about this little red dress? perfect fit and the right shade of red .

The most amazing thing about red dresses is simplicity, you don’t have to have thousands of accessories. Skip the necklace if your dress has some details, in my case a bow and go for stylish earrings, bracelets and rings.

. I picked black earrings and a pair of black heels.

Some ladies find it hard to wear red, don’t worry, this lace corset is from my best set of lingerie, it would really feel good if worn under a black chiffon top. When it comes to seduction, lace plus red will never let you down.

Thanks for stopping by XO.