From junk to fabulous.


I never throw away old or broken jewellery ,and if am forced to ,i always remove any decorations like beads ,shells and even chain pieces,save them in a small box.The same case applies to belts and beaded sandals.

Are u all having an awesome weekend?Today’s DIY was inspired by a charm bracelet my friend wore yesterday.I did not take any photos ,sorry :-),but i couldn’t stop thinking about it ,i wanted it in my life,it was love at first sight.This feelings were too strong,something had to be done.

When i woke up today ,i had an idea,why not make  this bracelet that am in love with.

What i used.

  • Thin wire
  • Assorted beads
  • Shells
  • Old/Broken earrings
  • Buttons
  • Bottle(to wind the wire to a huge coil)
  • ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


  • Cut the wire according to the length you want your coil to be.
  • Wind the wire on a bottle into a coil (i used a 300ml soda bottle).
  • Insert beads randomly (for the bracelet to be colorful and interesting) ,for the hanging beads, i used broken earrings and R’s from Richot brandy bottle.
  • Make sure you bend edges  so that the beads stay in place and not fall off.

How fun is that,you won’t have to spent any money,only 30 minutes of your time to turn your junk into a bracelet you can’t leave the house without.

Thanks for stopping by XO.