Jungle beautiful

ImageImageHi readers,I hope you all having a nice week ,as for me nothing much apart from sitting with a blanky watching Tv all day,don’t blame me its really cold and a lady can use a break from assignments and chores.

My outfit was inspired by Debby Ryan from the Disney series Jessie.I love her wardrobe,hair and acting skills.My style was different from her’s i added Image gold earrings to match the dress buttons , a blue green bag and stockings.The  best part was my Moschino babies ,i can’t have enough of them.

Notice the background? that’s my home,i wonder why this place is not yet a tourist attraction site,rocks,caves,trees and animals, what’s not to love?

Have a lovely night ,XO

Bag -Koch (korogocho)

Dress- Mtindwa

Boots – Bought from a friend


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