Where have I been?

I have missed this space.No amount of excuses are enough to explain why I went MIA but all I can say writers block or idea block is nerve wrecking.

So much has happened and we need to catch up. As you have noticed I am transitioning this story telling space from Fashion and lifestyle blogging to an outdoor and adventure space.

There will be more of trekking stories, trips and tricks that I hope will inspire you to explore.

Here are some highlights of what i’ve been up to since my last post

I hope to share more of these experiences in details.

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How to make mini tea cakes. Sandwich maker recipe

Staying home all day means you might want to grab a snack every now and then.I have been trying to make my own and also getting my creative juices in the kitchen flowing.

Are you ready?


1 cup of flour

1/4 cup of milk

1 egg

2tsp of Sugar

1 pinch of salt

1tsp of baking powder

1 tsp of cinammon

1 drop of vanilla essence (use the lid to measure)

1 tsp of butter

You will also need a whisk or fork,a bowl, seive and a sandwich maker.

Preparation time 5 minutes

Cooking time 10-15 minutes

1. Mix the dry and wet ingredients separately.

2. Add the mixed ingredients together making a nice smooth batter.Make sure the batter is not runny or too thick.

3. Grease the sandwich maker and pour in the batter. Turn it on and wait for it to turn off on its own.

4. Remove the ready cakes from sandwich maker and repeat the process with the remaining batter.

Serve with a nice warm cup of tea and enjoy.

Do you like simple snack recipes? Let me know.

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Conquering the third-highest mountain in Kenya

2019-07-29 08-2056164755..jpg

2019-07-29 011251535928..jpg

” It’s the toughest climb ” , they said , ”Satima will have you giving up half way,it’s tough, it’s difficult”, they continued.Every blog I read gave me something to dread about climbing Mt Satima. I remember talking to my girl Kate about it and we agreed to push no matter what.

Usually, a week before hiking I always try to eat well and increase my cardio workouts but during this particular week my body gave up on me.On Thursday evening I got so dizzy to even walk,given that I hadn’t had any food during the day I assumed that was the issue until I ended up In hospital two injections later and a week long meds packed in a bag.

There was no way I was gonna give up on a hike I had prepared for , weeks ahead.

A friend insisted that the mountain will always be there and I should just rest until I was better,in my head I was busy arguing with myself,what if i’ll be worse next time,what if i’ll be heavily pregnant next time lol! I was confused.The doctor assured me , extreme physical exercise wouldn’t affect my body during this time and that’s all the motivation I needed.

Preparations started on Friday for the Sunday hike,y’all can tell I was still looking forward to it despite feeling all ill.

I was up by 4 .00 am on Sunday morning,a little bit strong and motivated did a quick check on my essentials especially water ,energy bars and anything else that was supposed to keep me moving that day and met up with the rest of the hiking team at Nairobi’s CBD.

It was an unusual long drive from Nairobi to the Abardare,we got to there through the Wandare gate which sits on the north eastern end of the Abardare national park ,approximately an hour’s drive outside Nyeri town . Our bus took us closer to the mountain as we enjoyed watching herds of Buffaloes grazing on our way like a mini safari.

Mt Satima is the 3rd highest mountain in Kenya and the highest in the Abardare range, It is also known as Ol Donyo Le Satima ‘mountain of the bull calf’ and stands at 4,001m (13,127ft ) ASL.

We started climbing on foot at quite a higher altitude ,the surrounding was so scenic. Colorful flowers had bloomed the weather was nice breezy and moved huge clouds around.For a moment I felt like it was paradise ,actually ,it was because I had never seen anything like it before.We had two guides one would stay behind to help the rest of the group catch up while Joshua the other guide stayed ahead to give directions .

He was very kind and unlike most guides he kept slowing us down in case we were too first.

2019-07-29 07398198929..jpg

We moved past huge bushes of grass,rocks then we entered into a different terrain full of the huge beautiful Dendrosenecio. A genus of flowering plants in the sunflower family native to the higher altitude zones on mountains.

As we went higher it become colder the breeze we enjoyed earlier had us adding layers to cover up from freezing,at this time my water was too cold to drink I kept wishing I had carried my hot water bottle up the mountain.
By now it was freezing the fog was getting dense as we conquered the last part of the mountain,the peak.

Getting to the peak is the most satisfying part of hiking ,it’s so rewarding to feel the struggle,endurance pay off and allover sudden you appreciate your body .This was one of my coldest summit and I kid you not it was extremely cold some of us had two layers of gloves ,personally I had an insulated beenie under my fur aviator hat.

We got to spend some minutes at the peak taking photos and rejoicing for the job well done then trekked to lesser cold altitude for a snack break,which was quickly interrupted by drizzle and we quickly ascended before heavy rains .
This was a very interesting hike for me and the team we all did great and ready for another challenge.

2019-07-29 071612658858..jpg

The entire trip cost us Ksh 3,000 (inclusive of transport and snacks)
If you are planning for this trip here is a list of essentials that you may need

  • Good hiking boots
  • Good heavy socks
  • Trekking pants
  • Gloves
  • Fleece / Jacket
  • Raincoat
  • Balaclava
  • A warm hat / beenie
  • Trekking poles / sticks
  • Water
  • Energy snacks
  • Change of clothes in case you get rained on
  • And a positive attitude

This hike was organised by Nutrifit Delight .Feel free to contact the page and join the team.

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Camping in Njukiri forest,Camp Ndunda

Go where you feel most alive


I have friends who cringe every time I mention camping. ”How do you shower,what if I need to use the toilet? ” They ask ,actually the fan part of camping is figuring all these out with limited resources but, my story today is about glamour camping.

A camp site where all necessities are provided and you don’t have to bush craft out there.I haven’t slept outdoors in a while ,when my girl Elzie reached out with a camping idea I was in full support to it.

We wanted to involve a lot of people/friends to make it even more fun so we did.
As usual I over prepare, y’all remember my day pack essentials post in preparation for the Elephant hill hike,right? I always convince myself over packing is better than under packing especially ,if you are not sure about the outdoor location situation in terms of weather and the like.

We all met at around midday on a Friday and left Nairobi for Embu which is located 120 Km away.
Embu county is popularly known for rice cultivation ,the fields are so beautiful you cannot miss to stare,add the distant views of Mt Kenya and other beautiful landscapes , I promise you the view is like paradise.

We got to Camp Ndunda in Njukiri forest after some hours settled down and the adventures began.We had a two nights three days stay and different activities planned for each day.

Camp Ndunda
Captured by @letsdriftke

Camp Ndunda offers all types of activities from hiking,cycling,swimming,ball games,mud runs ,rope challenges ,canopy walks ,zip lining and more.
Our first night at the camp was spent cooking ,playing board games and story time by the bonfire.


The next morning we woke up so psyched for the day ,quick stretches ,breakfast and catching up because why not lol!



After lazing around for some time we headed for a real yoga session by river Rupingazi which flows right through the camp.The session was so amazing the sun was shining just right not too hot ,the breeze allowed us to stretch quietly as the sounds of nature filled our ears ,we played and deeped our feet in the amazing cold water.I might have deeped my whole body ‘for the gram’ lol!

We headed for the mud run ,not my favorite activity as I ended up bruising my knees from crawling, I should have known earlier,but I definitely finished the challenge.


After a crazy hour of shouting at each other while doing the mud challenge we all went for swimming in the river ,cleaned up and just chilled by the amazing 30 feet water fall,in river Rupingazi.



We got to mingle with other groups that were camping too ,made some nice video and photography content.
Camp sites are so much fun especially if you are in charge of your own time and how you spend it.We had a local lady help in the kitchen as we were out and about as I said earlier, glamour camping makes camping easy even for those who don’t like outdoors so much.The staff at Camp Ndunda were so supportive and took great care of all the guests.

Apart from crashing a party ,dancing and downing a bottomless glass of whiskey that night, I can just say it was a perfect day.The next morning was quite slow,but after hydrating I was good to go.Early risers were already playing volleyball,darts,and visiting the Embu cultural homestead which I walked past so many times lol!

We hard an obstacle challenge and a 2 hour hike then we prepared to live for Nairobi. Such a short weekend but full of fun activities.
I love being in the outdoors and definitely looking to doing more camping trips before the end of the year

To note,
Organisers -@nutrifit_delight
Package – Ksh 5,950
Duration – 2 Nights,3 days

Always remember to carry,
Extra snacks/drinks
and 100% motivation

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Hiking Mt Longonot solo-ish

1970-01-01 03182060790..jpg
Mt Longonot

I can’t remember how many times I hiked Mt Longonot but every climb is different from the other.You would expect it to be much easier but there’s always a small challenge .
I did hike Mt Longonot again a few weeks ago,it was one of those unplanned day hikes that I cannot say no to.

My friend and I took a matatu from Nairobi to Naivasha then another to the Longonot National park stage.
When we got there at around midday, every one else was coming down the mountain and since we didn’t bother to find out about the weather earlier it was extra hot and very dusty (loose volcanic dust) and it happens that on this day I forgot to carry my sunglasses and hat.

We cleared with the Kenya wildlife service and began our climb.We did not need a tour guide since I’ve been there before and the trails are visible and safe.
It got to a point that we were only two people on the mountain hence the title climbing ‘solo-ish’.

As usual the main goal for conquering Mt Longonot is to go round the crater rim which is around 7.2 Kms .

For those who don’t know, Mt Longonot is a strato volcano located in the Great Rift valley of Kenya.The trails are heavily eroded and steep.The mountain is home of various wild animals which we didn’t get to see because it was too hot for them to roam.

1970-01-01 03-454622645..jpg

1970-01-01 031867550373..jpg

We rested at a designated point before the crater rim hydrated and continued.We didn’t stop much unless it was necessary to pose for photos.
As we climbed it got dustier and at some point my eyes started hurting(always carry sunnies y’all) Our main stop was at Kilele Ngamia which is the highest part of the mountain standing at 2,780m above sea level.

1970-01-01 03-472627652..jpg

1970-01-01 03-92213434..jpg

We stopped for some photos and continued to finish our hike.
I noticed that these days people are allowed to go down the crater ,I am so excited to try that.

Things to note;
Transport from Nrb – Vasha 500ksh @
Naivasha – Longonot stage 100 @
Stage -park 100@(bodaboda) You can walk too
Park fee – 300 kshs

Thing to carry ;
Sunglasses ,scarf,water,snacks and ID
Don’t forget to wear proper hiking clothes and wear sunscreen

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I cut my hair again

“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.”
― Coco Chanel

Processed with VSCO with  preset
tapered haircut

Coco Chanel might be right but my reasons were entirely different.For the longest time I have wanted to grow my hair thick as it use to be in my child hood days. Many of women usually chase length but I always choose volume.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

With a whole hair product store in my room lol! I managed to understand what works for me and what doesn’t ,the interesting part being my hair loves simplicity water ,oil done.

Processed with VSCO with m5 presetProcessed with VSCO with m5 preset

I finally reached the hair volume I wanted and having it tapered made the Afro cute.

I will try de-clutter my product box now that I know what my mane needs and I will be giving out my products to any naturalista who doesn’t mind,i’ll be posting soon on my insta stories

Cut by Fally dufanda – Castro’s mancave

Photo by me – Canon 1300d + kit lens

Remote- cell phone


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Africa Nouveau festival

Africa Nouveau Festival 2019

Festivals are amazing especially when you have a crazy theme to dress up to ,making your creative juices flow.

I attended one of the best festivals in the country sorry for posting about it a month later .


Africa Nouveau is a music & arts festival congregating creators, curators & fans from all over Africa & it’s diaspora.

The 2019 edition was a chance to step into a new dimension and explore the theme, ‘Africans and Outer World Beings’ 

Over the course of three days and three nights, we explored these ideas through music, dance, art, film, and fashion created by African Futurists.  Based firmly in the Afrobubblegum ethos of fun, fierce, frivolous and fantastical. The festival seeks to produce hopeful and joyful ways of imagining Africans and their link to the worlds around them. Artists and audiences were encouraged to imagine space, outer world beings and time through an African lens and add that narrative to the existing Western ideologies.


I got to attend the festival on day 2 and day 3 .The experience was nothing like i have ever had before it was out of this world amazing.

The ‘Africans and outer world beings’ theme was so crazy that at first i had no idea of what to wear .

2019-03-10 101476297946..jpg
Day 2 look

On day 2 i went for a very simple look since i was working (modelling) at the event .I wore a simple school girl outfit something comfy enough for me to move around as we changed sets.Day 3 on the other hand was my best and most creative day,I just woke up picked a basic outfit and went all Afro star wars on it ,is that even a thing? lol!

Day 3 Photo by @simplykech

Model squad from left Me,Lucqo,Sharrone,Clara photo by @simplykech

I also photographed some of my favorite faces from the event


Fashion blogger @justkaninte

Model @sharonneotieno


Make up artist @kalekyekyee

Make up artist @_denniskaruri


My favorite from model and content creator @sandy.joan

We had so much fun dancing to great music and great food/drinks.

There was so much I didn’t cover on this event but you can see more on   Sandy’s Youtube channel

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A trip to Hell’s Gate National park

When people say ‘a walk in the park ‘to mean something is as easy as ABC then they have never been to an actual park.

I always had mixed feelings on Hell’s Gate national park; we’ve all heard the sad stories of an unfortunate event some years ago. It wasn’t on my bucket list until recently when I decide to face my fear.

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset

Hell’s Gate National Park is located in Naivasha and popularly known for a variety of wildlife and scenery. It’s the home of Fischer’s (for rock climbing) and central tower, Hell’s Gate gorge also known as the Ol Njorowa gorge and recently Mvuke Natural Spa, a geothermal spa first of its kind in Africa.

I got so excited last minute for this day trip and I remember my friend Kate insisting that we had to go. On that morning we met with the rest of the group and headed for Naivasha. My parents are from the Rift valley and I  always thought to myself that there couldn’t be more for me to explore there.

A few hours later, we were already at the park, had a short briefing with the wardens and guide as we paid and began our safari.The first stop was at the Fischer’s tower, very popular among climbers, unfortunately, that adventure wasn’t part of our plans so we continued with the safari.

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset
The famous Fischer’s tower

The thing about Hell’s gate national part is it’s so scenic you don’t know where to look or stop looking; you just want to take everything in. The huge rocky walls and the dazzle of zebras grazing below were out of this world amazing. I even had an aerial view in my head for this; our driver was kind enough to make multiple stops to let us be wowed by Mother Nature.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Taking a safari as an adult feels totally different, as a kid all I cared about was to know what name goes to which animal but now I just want to experience it and understand it all. We got to spot some more zebras, elands, Thompson’s gazelles, warthogs, hyraxes, baboons, and some buffalos.

Our second stop was at the gorge where we parked our bus and began to trek. We walked into the deep valley surrounded by huge rock walls and floor graced by Obsidian rocks evidence of cooled molten lava from volcanic eruptions in the early 1900’s. A while later we finally got the end of one side of the valley ‘the devil’s bedroom’ also a point where water feeds in from Mt Longonot.I have to agree that it was kind of uncomfortable since it felt like I was in a huge cave.

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset
Kate is always shopping 🙂

As we came close to the end of our mini-hike we were welcomed with beautiful ornament stands run by the locals.They sell handmade jewelry and accessories so well crafted you have to stop and shop, buy Kenya build Kenya right?

We took a break then headed for a relaxing soak at the Mvuke Natural Spa for around 2 hours while playing water volleyball.

Fun fact about this spa, the warm geothermal water is rich in minerals like sulfur and silica,known to cure some diseases.

Processed with VSCO with  preset

Processed with VSCO with  preset

We had our late lunch then headed back to Nairobi. I still feel like I did not have enough of the trip and definitely planning to go back maybe take the safari on a bicycle or if my dreams are valid a Jeep Wrangler that I dream of every day and night. A perfect off road  car for an outdoorsy girl like me.

I enjoy writing travel posts these days and I can really use recommendations for best places to hike or trek,kindly let me know.

If you are interested in this kind of activities check Nutrifit Delight and join us for the next expedition.

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Top 5 songs on my playlist

To be honest, my taste for music can be very hard to describe. It is everything except for the songs I don’t like. For the past few months I’ve heard some tunes that I can’t stop playing. They set me on a certain mood, empower me and make me feel better.

Here are the top five songs that are making my days

Everything I need by Skylar Grey – Y’all can blame Aqua man for the love I have towards this song, it is such a perfect theme song for a perfect movie.

A tune that makes me feel bigger than my problems, I feel like my flaws don’t stop me from being awesome.
I could go on about it but if you are going through a rough time listen to this.

Born ready by Zayde Wolf – I recommend a dose of this song every morning lol! He talks about not breaking and not quitting .Such a power filled tune to make you feel stronger.

Most Girls by Hailee Steinfeld – I can’t explain how much I love Hailee. ‘Most girls’ appreciate all women the loud girls and the quite ones, the outgoing girls and every other type. It’s okay to be you.

Love myself by Hailee Steinfeld – I know I listen to her so much, but don’t you do the same? No?

Drowning by Agolla – Before y’all start saying I don’t listen to Kenyan music I totally support artists from my country. This amazing girl has a very unique tone to her songs .Last year I was obsessed with Milele one of her’s which was also featured in the famous valentine’s Kenyan film Plan B.

I love that she sings love songs in Swahili, drowning is a tune that I am preparing to sing my future husband one day.

What other songs do you listen to? Do you like my list?
Do let me know

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Hiking the Elephant Hill


Hiking the Elephant hill was everything I expected and more. Having never experienced mountains and hills above 3,000 M above sea level,I knew I was up for a challenge.

As days neared I felt like I wasn’t ready for the hike, I was scared too. Started thinking of an old knee injury, like I hadn’t trained enough.

The thing is,I had a rough idea of what I was getting myself into but wasn’t really sure I was ready for it.

I didn’t want to have an extreme surprise moment so I read several blogs and experiences in this particular expedition .Many called it the most difficult, some said they wouldn’t dare do it again, others felt it was ‘meh’ average I guess. Confusing, right?

Which category would I fall into? I had to find out for myself.

If you read my Day hike essentials post you know I tried my best to be ready for this.

On that Sunday morning, I woke up at around 3.00 am ,way too early, I had already lost my sleep. I started preparing and surprisingly,I got ready so fast unlike any other day of my life lol!

I was so excited for the plans ahead ,called a cab and I was at the CBD some minutes past 5.00 am.

We were hiking as a team and thanks to Elsie from Nutri fit delight I got to meet some really cool people. We got to Njambini forest (Abardare National Park) at around 8.00 am ,took some minutes for the team leader to sort everything with the KWS officials in charge, did some stretches with the help of Kate who’s an amazing yogi /trainer, and got assigned a guide ,Peter.



We walked for like 30 minutes, most of us already thirsty and hungry. So we sat down and indulged into our packed snacks feeling like we’ve already conquered quarter of the hike.

Peter the guide got confused with us for a moment and I remember his words ‘did you guys really come to hike ,why are you seated ,why are you eating? We have to get to the starting point ASAP , you are slacking already”.

Wait! What? Haven’t we already started, we just walked for like 30 minutes or more. So many questions running through our heads.


His expressions were priceless I could tell his faith in us was running low.Now that I am thinking of it I can sit comfortably and laugh at myself. Peter made the trail look so easy, his fit physique, combat boots and hydration pack he‘s like a trekking superman, that’s all he needed no extra clothing or snacks. After all he does this so often, he is used to it.

The hill was divided into a rough road, an ascending bamboo forest, ascending rocky terrain and the last part was so high up covered in beautiful vegetation.

The bamboo forest was the most challenging part for me ,we kept going up my chest became tight and I felt like I was running out of oxygen .I started thinking of how it wasn’t too late for me to quit, I couldn’t do it again. This place was getting steeper, I wished for a flat top where I’d stop for at least five minutes but there wasn’t. The first group left me behind, for a while I was in between alone; I could hear the voices from the last group quite distant from where I was. As I kept going it got cooler, then hotter even windy. Layering is very important for this particular hike, you just add or remove clothing you don’t need to balance temperature.

I continued sipping water, my chest now feeling better and used to the elevation. I swear I almost quit 50 times before this point. Peter came back for me and the rest who were far behind all psyched up,he talked me through a short distance giving me hope that the resting point was only some minutes away as he went for the rest.

I wouldn’t quit when I was almost there, would I? On my way I walked into some huge Elephant footprints that were so fascinating I totally forgot about the problems I had earlier. We took a break at the Desperado also known as the point of despair at 3255M above sea level.


I was so happy, all I cared for at this moment was to just sit and put my legs flat on the ground.Nothing could be compared to that kind of relief. By the way, I wouldn’t recommend sitting in between before the resting point, it’s a bad idea. Your body goes into some sort of shut down, try to keep going and sit only when it’s necessary.

Sometimes all you need is a little push and then you remember why you started

While at the Desperado I looked back and felt like a winner already, I had come so far, the quitting mood/mentality was already fading away. I took out my peanut butter, apples, water and started snacking.Peter gave us some more time to finish taking photos before we resumed hiking. I kept telling myself that I did not have to be the first person to finish as long as I get to the summit and back, no matter how long it took me.

As we got higher the scenery became more breathtaking, away from the trees we could clearly see through our trail and where we were headed.I felt so tiny with the huge hills standing all around us and beautiful vegetation welcomed us to the last bit of the hike.

It wasn’t so steep up there; nonetheless, we climbed up some rocks on all fours.We could also take short breaks to take photos and take in this surreal experience.

It was all worth it, I couldn’t believe for a moment I almost gave up. I would have missed the best part of it all. The summit was so close, some minutes later we were at 12,000ft above sea level (The summit).

I did it, I finished. My energy went up to 100% with excitement, I was jumping doing yoga poses, I couldn’t just calm down. I was my own hero, the best feeling ever.


After an hour the descend began, this time around I had all the energy Kate and I were the first to get down hill after hours of doubting our mental GPS and even planning on how we could just take the night into the bushes if we got lost for real, going down is always the hardest part but we did it anyway.

By the time we got down and to the parking lot it was already getting dark and colder thanks to Margie, the amazing lady who sells rosemary and ginger tea for being there. We enjoyed as we waited for the rest to arrive.


Things to note:

  • The trip was organized by Elsie from Nutri Fit delight
  • For the entire hike we payed Ksh 2,500per person
  • (Inclusive of transport, park fee, guide, snack)
  • Highest point at the Elephant hill is the summit standing at 12,000ft ASL

Have you ever been at the Elephant hill?

How was your experience?